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My Impossible List

About five years ago,
I read a blog on the internet that planted a seed inside me.
It was a list, called The Impossible List, compiled by Joel Runyon.

He compiled a list of all the things that he thought were impossible for him to achieve at that moment. And from then on, he set out to accomplish all these goals. With an enduring spirit of challenging his limits, he kept accomplishing all his crazy goals one after another.
He is a truly inspiring human being.

I’ve been trying to compile an Impossible list of my own.
It took some time (4 years!) and a lot of courage to get ready to share it with you publicly.

So today, to celebrate the 100th post of my blog that incidentally coincides with my birthday,
I am going to share my impossible list with you.

My Impossible List

Travel/ Adventure

– Visit every state and Union territory in
– Visit every continent
– Run to Bhutan
– Cross an international border on a
– Ride a bicycle to the highest motorable
road in the world
– Street perform at a tourist attraction and
raise money for charity
– Become a certified Scuba Diver
– Jump off a plane
– Jump off a cliff with a bungee cord

Physical Fitness

– Run a Half Marathon
– Run a Full Marathon
– Run an Ultra Marathon
– Learn to swim
– Swim 1km, 2km, 3 Km
– Complete a Half Ironman
– Finish a Full Iron Man
– Learn to do a Handstand
– Walk 25m on hands
– Do 100 consecutive push-ups
– Do 25 consecutive pull ups


– Learn to Unicycle
– Walk on a slack-line forwards
– Walk on a slack line backwards

Writing/ Content Creation

– Publish a free E-Book a year
– Write one book a year
– Feature on a music album a year
– Publish a collection of poetry in a l
language I don’t speak yet
– Write a short film script and assist it.
– Start my own music channel on
– Earn 1000 dedicated followers on my
– Do a collaborative project with another
artist every year


– Create ‘Tribe of Compassion’
– Start a social business enterprise

Gift Economy

– Share my best work for free
– Be featured on the Wikipedia page of gift


– Start a mentoring program based on Gift


– Start a volunteering space accessible to
– Start a Volunteering movement


– Learn to read, write and speak 6


– A shipping container home
– An Earthship

I’ll add more to the List soon.
Now, I am off,
To accomplish all that I think is Impossible.

More power to you !




  1. Harsh

    I hope we get a blog post for each completed goal 😀

  2. Sreenath Sreenivasan

    Dear Harsh,
    I’ll update the blog as I finish each goal 🙂
    Thanks for writing in !

  3. Harshita

    Cheenu Bhaiya,
    The kind of life u are living is an impossible thing for many of us. It’s good to see you like this, the way u are living each day of ur life, doing something new every day, meeting people with different mindset, understanding them and much more. This is one impossible goal of a number of people like us that you have achieved already. Really happy for you. And yes even I expect a blog post on completion of each goal, would love to read ur experiences.

  4. Sreenath Sreenivasan

    My dear sister Harshita 🙂
    I am so happy to hear from you.
    It has been a challenging yet rewarding experience to be travelling , writing and sharing my experiences with my world.
    I feel happy that you find value in what I share.
    I assure you that I will keep pursuing my goals and share my triumphs and failures with good spirit.

    Much love to you.



  5. Jacob Abraham

    Looking at this list, my first instinct would be that this is indeed impossible. Ordinary people wouldn’t even think about doing half the things on this list. Then I think about the person who compiled this list, and if anyone can do it, it is you cheenu. Keep inspiring brother, and all the very best. I have no doubt that you will not only complete this list, but keep adding to it, and knocking it out of the park each time. Looking forward to reading about all your adventures.

  6. Lay

    Dear Sreenath,

    I have been silently following your each post and it’s so well narrated story ever since you started your journey in Thailand, it’s been a pleasure to see you outgrow from a such cool drummer and master to a nobler person… I wish you, while inspiring a lot many like me, keep advancing in life with bliss and love! Thank you…. Peace 🙂

  7. ClimatDOG

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