After the phenomenal success of ‘The Rhythm Experience 1.0’ workshop series in 2019, we are happy to bring you the second edition of the workshop in 2020.

The Rhythm Experience 2.0 is a series of 12 one-on-one workshops designed to provide a firm foundation about understanding concepts of Time, Rhythm, Feel, Groove, Emotion, Interaction, and Improvisation. For a musician wishing to express and communicate with flair and honesty, these skills are indispensable.

The course has been designed for : 

  1. Musicians wishing to have a clear understanding of rhythmic concepts.
  2. Teachers looking for a streamlined teaching methodology
  3. Bands wishing to play with better feel and synergy
  4. Professional musicians wishing to work on practical aspects of rhythm
  5. Out of practice musicians looking to expand their comfort zone

In 2019, the workshop travelled to Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, and Goa. It resonated well with all participants from across age groups and musical instrument backgrounds. It has helped musicians gain confidence, clarity of thought, and a freshness in the way they listen to and create music.

Keeping up with the current times,
The Rhythm Experience 2.0 will be conducted online.

All classes will be one-on-one as opposed to group classes in the previous edition.

This will help students learn with deeper understanding and involvement.

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Course Details : 

Subdivisions and Syncopation

Introducing a holistic method to understand the science of subdividing time and approaching syncopation with logical concepts. No prior theory knowledge needed. Understand these once for good, and you have them for a lifetime.

TaKaDiMi – An Introduction to Konnakol

Konnakol is a system of vocalising rhythm in Carnatic music. We will learn to use it as a functional tool to understand the relationship between time, space, and subdivisions.

The Universe of Triplets

Let’s trip on triplets. Understanding syncopation, subdivision, improvisation in 3.

The Vocabulary Goldmine

Can thinking differently about a particular flow of time multiply our rhythmic vocabulary?
Here’s a stepping stone to improvising with awareness.

The Emotional Element of Rhythm

Before the evolution of languages, rhythm was the primary communication tool. Can a deeper understanding of the way a rhythm moves us help us communicate better as musicians? Analysis of rhythms from Indian folk, Africa, R&B, Latin America and beyond.

Were you rushing or were you dragging?

Whiplash anyone?
The workshop aims to help you develop and refine your internal awareness of time with practical, functional exercises that you can readily integrate into your usual practice routine. Refine your time feel and count in the band with supreme confidence.

Let’s make it Even with Odd time

Odd time signatures make most of us uncomfortable, especially while improvising.
This workshop aims to dispel the myth that odd time signatures are difficult to play by integrating concepts learned in the previous workshops in a way that will help you tackle the concept with clarity and confidence.

What makes this workshop special?

  1. We will strive to learn from musical examples throughout the course so that we understand the applications in a practical way.
  2. All workshops are directed to be a holistic study of Rhythm and the concepts apply universally.
  3. Your musicality will become nuanced once you apply your heart and mind to the concepts shared throughout the course. Music from across the world will become more pleasurable to listen to.
  4. We’ve had singers, guitarists, bass players, drummers, ukulele players, djembe players, DJs join the course in the past and they’ve all reaped great benefits from it.

Inviting all musicians — regardless of the instrument they fancy — to join in.
Let’s learn together!

If you have questions, feel free to reach out: +91-9953471778

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