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Live at Cafe We, Anjuna

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₹ 400

A Musical Evening

Jazzmatazz is a youthful Jazz band based in Goa, India. The band nurses a deep passion for both traditional jazz and Goan music. Their flair for improvisation brings forth a unique blend of sound that’s contemporary yet rooted.

The band debuted at the International Jazz Day 2022 at The Patio, in Goa. They have been active in the Goan music circuit with recent performances at the Serendipity Arts Festival, Lusofone Festival, Aguada Fort Festival.

Sway to the band’s versatile set, from traditional Jazz to Bossa Nova, from Funk Jazz to Konkani hits, played in a refreshing and soulful way. The band features Swizel Costa on saxophone and vocals, Clifton Sequeira on keyboard and flute, and Sreenath Sreenivasan on the drums.