The beauty of the human existence is in duality.
On one hand each and every human being is unique. The way one looks like and they way he looks at the world is peculiar to himself.
Even the way he does things, from the littlest of idiosyncrasies, to a life consuming passion is particular to him.
It would even be safe to say that there have never been two humans in history with the same traits.
Individuality is hardwired in the human experience.

On the other hand, there are qualities that we all seek that make us all similar in our pursuit of life.
Our longing for love and companionship, our desire to have a shelter, warmth, nutrition, good health and freedom are things that have been common across time and space.
In these matters, we are all walking on the same path.
Each individual, however unique in personality, is longing for the same things.

And it is the understanding of this basic truth of existence,
this duality,
Of seeking individuality on one hand and,
On the other hand, longing for the same things as everyone else,
is what makes life easier to comprehend.

Human beings are capable of making the most irrational of decisions. And sometimes it does not make any sense at all as to why one would do something that seems so illogical to the third person.

Be the act as extreme as the act of killing in the name of God, or ending one’s own life,
It stems from the desire for freedom and emancipation,
No matter how unsuccessful either acts are in reaching the ends they desire to.

Looking at human aspirations through this sense of duality, I believe,
would help in coming with holistic solutions to problems.

We are all communal beings. In some capacity or other we work in groups.
And quite often, we do take decisions for the whole community, either democratically or hierarchically.
In that process,
If we’re mindful to address this duality,
And not compromise either of,
a) the individuality of a human being
b) the basic human aspirations of all beings

Then that would be a more holistic way of dealing with any situation that confronts our existence.

The next time you find yourself in a position to take a decision, for yourself or for a group that you lead,
Address it through the lens of this duality.
Is everyone being given the space to be the truly individual being they are?
Does the decision help every person reach for the common longings in life of us all?

If it addresses both these questions,
The decision you make,
Even if it is just for one person,
For yourself,
Or for a group,
Will be far more fufilling in every being’s pursuit of life.