Today was a busy workday. As I drew close to the end of working hours in our community, I rested myself under the shade of a mango tree for a break. I looked to the left to see who the chef in the kitchen was. I saw my sister cooking and I couldn’t help but smile. I knew deep inside that I will get a delicious meal for lunch. And I found more energy to finish the rest of my work.
Just her presence reassured me that everything will be all right.

It got me wondering about how we too have the opportunity to be reassuring. Throughout our existence we shoulder some kind of a responsibility. If we build a formidable reputation , so that people can count on us, then our existence magnifies in value.

One can always judge the worth of his contribution by how much reassurance he can give to his team, just by his presence.

The lunch was amazing by the way. And all the hard work was truly worth it.