Today, after a long 5 hour ride, I stopped at a town called Saraburi. It has been hard to find vegetarian food in Thailand so far. I looked around for half an hour for vegetarian food but there was nothing available. In the end I stopped at a small family run snack joint and asked for rice and eggs.
On realizing that I was on a long Bicycle trip, they asked me if I needed ice, or wanted to use the washroom. As I was leaving they gave me two ripe oranges to enjoy on the way. We waved goodbye to each other like kids as we parted ways.

Later in the day I stopped to eat at another stall. Since I was the only one there at lunch time, I sensed that they needed more business. I was surprised when they offered me free lunch!
I politely declined only to be given water and cucumbers to eat on the way.
I was moved by the empathy of people who only had so much to spare.

At night, I stopped at a Buddhist monastery. The monks were kind enough to let me sleep for the night. I set up my tent and prepared myself for bed.
Soon, two little monks brought me soya milk, a bottle of water, a muffin and mosquito repellent.
Adorably they wrote something in Thai in google translate.
The translation read
‘ We got it from the mess for you’

Curled up in my tent, I can only feel overwhelmed by gratitude.
How these little elements in my life, the small interactions, are only pushing me to fulfill my goal,
Of stumbling on kindness,
Of pursuing the hope of a compassionate world.