Today morning, with the mellifluous background of birdsong, I did my laundry.
It is one of the things I enjoy doing quite a lot. The birds sang to me and I hummed back. Oh what a delight !
As I got finished I thought to myself, ‘Okay, I have washed my clothes.’
‘Job done!’

But as I walked past the clothesline later in the day I realized,
‘Yes I did all the washing but only part of the cleansing.
After I wash the clothes and hang them up to dry,
The purifying wind maneuvers itself through the weave of the cloth. The sun shines on the clothes sterilising the fluttering fabric. It is the wind and the sun that do rest of the cleansing. My act of washing is just a third of the work.

Then I though,
had I not taken the first step of doing my laundry, the sunlight, the wind would still be there yet I would have dirty clothes in my laundry bag.

I realised something fundamental about life. The elements of nature, the universal laws, exist all the time. Yet they only work for us once we take initiative.

In life, there is a whole dimensions of possibilities that could occur. But a favourable outcome will only arise when we take initiative.
It could mean starting to write, to paint, to sculpt, to farm ,to program, to take responsibility etc.

The things that need doing are endless!

The laws of nature are always in our favour.
Nature just has to see us set up things and take initiative. And as we get busy doing things that truly matter to us,

Nature gets busy helping us in miraculous ways.