It’s common to feel from time to time that you’ve lost your creative spunk, your muse has deserted you and all you mojo has withered away.

This feeling is as common as art itself.

You would feel that there’s nothing truly artistic coming from within you.

But does art ever come from within someone?

Perhaps that’s an egocentric way of looking at the process of creation.
And once we start to identify the art we create with our ego, it is easier to succumb to pitfalls of vanity or diffidence, as far on the spectrum of confidence they might be.

There’s another way of looking at the process of creation.

Maybe the art comes through you, and not from within you.

Maybe you are not a source, but a channel.

Maybe you are just a conducting wire that completes the circuit of creation,
And the art flows as a current through you, illuminating the world each time an idea materialises.

In such a case, you are just responsible of having a clear channel, with no distortion, resistance or roadblocks.

And the art will flow through you.

And you will be able to create without attachment, emancipated from the self worth you derive from the art you create.

You’re neither the battery nor the lightbulb.
You’re just the wire that connects the two.

Once you accept the  vastness of field of creative energy, and humble yourself to be nothing but a channel for the creative spirit, art will shine through.

In the end of the day, what’s more important?

To be an artist?
Or to make art?

Let’s strive to be a good channel in the circuit of creation, beyond our ego.

For once we let the muse breathe through us,
Wouldn’t each living moment undeniably be art?