A self-directed PhD in The art and science of learning


  1. To learn about the art and science of learning through first-hand experience
  2. To become a trustworthy voice in the niche of education and learning
  3. To create an archive of the possibilities a curious human can realize through focused, mindful, consistent effort.
  4. To bring learning-minded people together, share the joy of learning, and create an active learning community
  5. To develop myself into a healthy and well-rounded human being


To design a curriculum for self-education that is holistic and follows a timeline, that adheres to the discipline one is expected to have during a conventional college education.


The astounding capacity of the human mind can be classified in 9 different types of aptitudes/ intelligence. Originally proposed by developmental psychologist Howard Gardner, the types of intelligence/ aptitudes are explained wonderfully in this infographic.

In my opinion, a holistic education helps in the development across all types of aptitudes. The learning assignments and topics I will take up in this education project will be designed to aid in all-round learning.


I will lay down a specific learning curriculum that I will study for a semester, just like in a conventional college education. It will be prominently listed on my website at a relevant space.

Semester Duration
– 6 months with permitted breaks as necessary

Summer Semester – Summer Solstice (21 June) to Winter Solstice (21 December)

Winter Semester – Winter Solstice (21 December) to Summer Solstice (21 June)

I will take up 4 subjects per semester

There will be a defined syllabus and assignments (read content)  to submit regularly throughout the course.

Just to give you an idea of possible subjects

A. Developing Spatial Intelligence through (Choose one for current semseter)

1.Perspective Drawing

2. Lego Building

3. Paper Folding

4. Chess

       Content Generation and Assignments : Images and Stories with a relevant copy

       B.     Developing Musical Intuition (Choose one for current semester)

       1) Design a creative Ear Training 101 Module for beginners
       2) Design an introduction to Rhythm module for children
       3) Learn to play the bass
       Content Generation and Assignments : Videos / A video course

      C.     Developing Verbal and Linguistic Intelligence

      1)  Better Writer 101

          a) Read one essay, one short-story, one poem everyday (create a publically
               accessible archive of the same)
          b) Write and Publish one essay, one short-story, one poem every week (follow a sacred
              weekly publishing schedule)

       2)  Learn a new language (could be as diverse as Sign language, a programming language)


        Content Generation and Assignments : An active blog, videos, A compilation video of progress in language skills

         D.     Developing Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence (Choose one for current semester)

1) Learn to Unicycle
         2) Learn to walk on a Slackline
         3) Train for a sub 45 min 10k run

         Content Generation and Assignments : A Vlog about the journey

Learning Guides/ Mentors

I will actively seek to have a learning guide for each subject. Also, this will be an active part of my blog, and the learning outcomes will be crowd-curated.


1) To create an identity and brand in sync with my natural core beliefs
2) To develop a new paradigm in holistic education that can be used in future
3) To create learning-teaching models and educational resources for educators
4) To create a documentary, book etc. about the journey as a thesis
5) To become the unofficial ‘Goodwill Embassador’ of the Joy of Learning


The study must be concluded within five years from the date of beginning. A documentary and a book are mandatory submissions as thesis for grading at the end of study.

Please tell me how I can do this better! Do share your thoughts. I would love your feedback.

To the Joy of Learning!