Today I was playing drums in my practice loft. Deeply engrossed, I kept on playing with all my attention. After a while I sensed the presence of someone else nearby. I looked around to find an Israeli dad and son watching intently from under the loft.
I called them up with an inviting gaze while playing still.
With the one year old baby in his father’s safe arms, they both made their way up to the loft.

The baby had a glimmer in his eyes. He was exposed to such a stimulus for the first time. I played at a low volume to invite the baby closer. His expression was beautiful, equal parts of curiosity and apprehension.
Then I took out the brushes and played even softer to beckon him. Once he felt a bit familiar, he let out a shriek and reached for the drumsticks.
What a moment it was!

He left me reminiscing about the first time I saw someone play a drum set in a shop. Someone was playing inside and I looked at him with the same penetrating gaze as the child.
With equal parts of apprehension and curiosity.

And I am glad,
I reached out for the sticks,
And never put them down.

I hope the little friend I made today
Does the same !