Morning. 6 am.
My sleepy 5 year old friend Adva is rubbing her eyes to wakefulness. She dangles out of her mother’s comforting shoulder as sun warms up the air with its promising ascent. She basked in the warmth of mother’s love and sunlight.

After breakfast I saw another friend Lior, 24. She was feeling a bit sick in the morning. The sport she is, she shook her head like a toddler and whined jokingly, ‘I want my mommy!’
She files back home to Israel soon and she will meet her mom in not too long a time.

At night I happened to speak to an elderly American-Indian lady, Dami, 63.
She shared how she comes to India only to see her mother. Life in the US can sometimes get lonely. The prospect of meeting her mother keeps her going. Although the chance of meeting an 86 year old mother in good health gets bleak with every passing day.

It got me wondering how regardless of age, one wishes to turn back to her very source, the Mother.

It’s tragic however that as we age, our proximity to our mother decreases. Even though we have the technology that enables us to talk to anyone anywhere in the world, we still long for a motherly touch, her comforting lap, her nourishing food.

Then I looked around to see my fellow freinds in the flora.
As they age, their roots only go deeper into mother earth. Ageing only strengthens the bond between mother and child in this instance.

It might be the deepest human longing ,
To emulate this strengthening of bond with our mother as we age.
We only have to look around and find a tree for inspiration…