My cute little friends, for my sweet sake
All chipped in and brought me a cake
And that birthday song caught me blissfully unaware
All these years have passed, I wonder where

I see that chubby kid, who wishes I rumble
Whenever he teases me and calls me Uncle
But I forgive the boy, I choose not to mind
For I used to be a kid, much of his kind.

It’s divine to forgive, and human to err
Reflects truthfully the shiny silver mirror
And I wonder if I am really past my prime
With my flowing hair on the crosshair of time

My little friends and I, to the playground we run
We dig in the stumps and thus begins the fun
Like a child still, I ask for balls trail
I take guard and bat away to sweet denial

The little girl says

Uncle, Uncle, never mind that odd wrinkle
So long as your loving eyes shine and twinkle
And she brings me a slice of cake to eat
And I’m glad to me it tastes, just as sweet!