Thriving Mindfully

The Dance of Eternity

The wholesome Earth
It softly spins
And spins characters two
The screen of time
Screens the perfect rhyme
Of nights and mornings new

The tender Earth
It gently leans
To lullabies that bring
A canvas of hues
A farmer’s muse
Come winter, summer and spring

The mystic Earth
It flings around
The sun without fear
This pilgrimage
The chronicler of age
We fondly call it a year.

In moments lonely
We forget too soon
What we are really worth
We are a part
Right from the start
Of our soft and yielding Earth.

Then In moments cold
Of fading hope
In the dark and deep night
Beyond eclipse
With a prayer on our lips
Let’s shine our glorious light.

Like mother Earth
Being worthy children
In moments deeply blue
Let’s choose to dance
At every chance
And lean on shoulders too.

Then the stars and the Earth
And You and I
Shall rejoice in fraternity
With every stride
On this cosmic ride
Let’s dance into eternity…


  1. Ashwini nagarhalli

    Superbly written

  2. Suni Benny

    Wonderful lines..happy to read.

  3. Saumya Chaudhary

    I could never imagine that we can write such simple yet meaningful poem on earth…. Bahut mast 👍

  4. Sreenath Sreenivasan


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