Thriving Mindfully

The magic in simply being

Does the little bird know
Playing on branches low
As she sings with summer flair
She paints music in the air

Do the worker ants know
Amid their busy work flow
As beneath the earth they tunnel
They give the rain a funnel

Does the raindrop know
Falling through sunlit glow
Painting rainbows in blue skies
It gifts wonder to waiting eyes

The arena is open to seeing
There is magic in simply being
This open secret is the alphabet
That you must learn well and forget

Then shall you dance in all your glory
Unaware you are weaving a story
Letting work and wonder intertwine
Living elegantly, this universal design.



  1. daidipya sheth


  2. Ashwini nagarhalli

    Sooooo soothing to read

  3. Shantanu Sawant

    Loved it!!

  4. Rathi

    We have a mirror but we won’t look.
    We have a heart but won’t listen.
    We have a sixth sense ,we never bother too.
    My knowledge in English is very poor,so I am unable to express my feeling.

  5. Diyatom Deb

    Lovely bro

  6. Gaurav Kapadia

    Lovely poem Srinath.

  7. Monalisa Das

    Wonderful way of putting such beautiful moments of life and nature in your poem …keep it up 👍

  8. Saumya Chaudhary

    Idyllic Sreenath 🤗

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