If music came through the wind
Each fallen bamboo in the forest
Would hum with a melody
As the breeze tunnelled through its hollows

If music came through the wind
Then each cluster of seed pods
Would chime and rattle
As the wind weaved through the willows

If music came through the wind
Each dreadlock of the banyan tree
Would buzz with a solemn drone
As the draft bowed on a hundred cellos

The wind longs
To make music

And so it blows
In search of a catalyst

To amplify the song in its heart
To carry it along as a psalm

On its endless journey
Through the timeless flow of time

The wind offers the bird
An element of itself
To inhale and exhale
And a song hitches a ride on that ennobled gush

And with this alchemy of breath
There is born a rhythm
As the woodpecker pecks its way home
As the dove coos gently, from a canopy lush

And magically do the hollows of the tree trunk
Have the calfskin sit tight on it once
Do the fallen bamboos find holes punched in
At that perfect distance

And the bamboo is breathed to life
The Djembe is struck to the pulse
Of the pecking bird

And thus is born a movement
A dance
As if unfurled
To the wind of the music
To the music of the wind

The creator is the alchemist
The wind an element
Breath the reaction
Consciousness the catalyst
Music, that golden
Life saving by-product.