It’s the beginning of a new month again. And, it’s time for a resolution for a Power of Everyday project !

Before I share my new projects for the month of February, I would like to update you about how I did with the projects I had taken up in the month of January.

I had two tasks for January 2019,

1) Write and Publish a blog post everyday

2) Sketch / Paint everyday

Now, with the first task, while I wasn’t able to write a new post every single day, I did dig into my archives and found something meaningful to post every single day of the month.
31 posts on 31 days !

Sketching and painting was a fun exercise overall. After sketching everyday for 31 days, I feel much more sensitised to details and aestheics than I was before. I have not become a sketch artist by any means and much of my sketching looks like a child’s work, but I still found value in sketching everyday.

In fact, after going through the experience of sketching everyday, I realised just how much detail is hidden in seemingly mundane objects. It helped me design the next project for the month of February.

Here are the two challenges I am taking up in February:

1) Write and Publish a blog post a day

2) Write one page about an object

The first task has been carried over from the last month.

The second task is designed to develop nunace and sensitivity in observing everyday objects.

I hope you choose a simple task for this month and join me on this journey.
I promise you that you will learn a lot in the process.

I will keep you updated about my progress at the end of every week.

Let’s do this together.

More power to you !