Often when people introduce themselves, they have the answer to the next question one might ask to them ready.
‘Hey I am XYZ. ‘
What do you do ?
I am doctor / engineer / psychologist etc.

It got me wondering that all these titles are conferred by an institution when you complete your study.
But, would we able to call ourselves a ‘kind’ doctor, ‘ a compassionate engineer’ , ‘an empathetic psychologist’?
Incidentally, all these titles of kindness, empathy and compassion can only be conferred by the people who we help through our work.

And we can be kind, compassionate and empathetic without any education whatsoever. My grandmother embodies all the above traits and she’s never been to school. These are essential life skills that sadly we do not talk about in our educational institutions.

But the foremost pursuit of any human being should be to understand the sheer importance of cultivating a benevolent heart.

Let us pursue to be kind, compassionate and empathetic first. These are the real titles worth earning.

Always hopeful of a kinder future.