It’s 10pm. I find a faint glint of light in the community kitchen, quite unusual since we finish cooking dinner at 6pm. I walk in to meet my five year old friend trying to light a fire with paper and sticks. He has a little pan with some water and vegetables on the stove.
‘What are you doing ?’ I enquire.
‘I am cooking food!’
‘What is this special dish called?’
‘I don’t know!’he says smilingly.
‘Are you still hungry ?’
‘Yes a little bit’
‘Will you be able to eat with all of this food you’re cooking?’
‘No, but it is for everyone who is hungry. I will share it with everyone.’

It left me wondering how we often limit our capacity to sense the need of help. We make excuses of how we have too little of something to share with others. While this little boy finds an opportunity to be of help. And once you make that decision, to help beyond all odds, nature will find a way to help you.

It’s late in the night. As I watch my friend catching a nap on the kitchen table, I wonder, how a little boy can contain such a big heart!