I am planning to travel outside India for the first time. As a custom, we seek blessings of elders in the family before undertaking a challenging task. Considering this, I had a natural gravitation towards my grandmother. I decided to go and seek her blessing before I embark.

On visiting her, I was met with her ever inviting eyes, as if they were already expecting me. I noticed that even though my mother’s eyes were apprehensive about my decision to travel, my grandmother eyes had a reassuring energy. She was prepared to let me go without any worries whatsoever.
She sat with me for a while, just looking into my eyes, with all the love that ever exists. I communicated as much as I could with in pidgin Malayalam. Her forgiving heart understood all matters of my heart that were beyond language. I spent the night in the ancestral home brimming with nostalgia. In the morning as I was leaving, I was awarded a few kisses by her. She’s 90. I couldn’t think of anything that I could give her.
She has reached an age where she only has good energy to give. There is no expectation of anything in return.
What do you give such a person?
All that I could give is some of my time.
There is little time when we’d coexist on earth after all.

As I sit at the railway station waiting for my train, I reach into my bag to check my belongings. To my surprise, I find a little bag of snacks she packed for me.
Oh that familiar aroma, clear as day, brought forth in a flash.
It tastes like my childhood!

I fall for the bait in this tender trap of affection. How could I not go back to her at the first opportunity?
To live a childhood again, in the little time we share on this beautiful earth.