There is something special about meeting your first teachers, isn’t it?
Whenever I meet one of my teachers who I learnt from as I child, I become that child again! I can feel the respect and gratitude I have for my teachers for their patience and faith.
The interaction just leaves me humble and eager to grow.

I met my first drum teacher a few days ago. And even though I have been playing for close to a decade now, when I see him I am still the reticent boy I was when I went to the first class with him.
I had a dream in my eyes to become a great drummer.
I felt humbled and grateful being around him.

I realized that as an exercise, we should routinely meet such people. Teachers who have seen us grow, fall, rise up and try again. Not only would it make us more eager to learn but will also keep us grounded.

And how can we forget the first teacher our life?

Our Mother.

I feel that in the interest of cultivating love, gratitude and humility in our heart,

We should meet our mothers more often ! 🙂