Just about a week ago, we had a send off party at our community. One of my friends was leaving on a journey to Israel in a few days and I was leaving for Thailand. We had a gleeful time at a swimming pool with all our friends. After much merriment, we sat down to have snacks. As I upturned the bag full of snacks, out came rolling among other things,
Passion Fruit!

My sister’s gaping eyes couldn’t contain the joy of this sight. She loves this fruit dearly, as do my other friends. Who doesn’t love Passion fruit !
Everyone grabbed a fruit and savored it as if it were to disappear in moments!

Over the course of time, as the energy got a bit mellow, we all found different places around the pool to sit and relax.

I went to my sister lazing in a hammock.

‘How come you have two passion fruit?’ I asked.

She just giggled teasingly.

‘It might be the last passion fruit you have this year. It’s March, end of season!’

‘Oh yes’ she affirmed with an air of disappointment.

‘But don’t worry, soon we will have mango season no?’

‘Oh yes, in just one month we will have so many Mangoes! But you will be in Thailand. You will miss out on it !’

‘Well, I have a surprise for you’ I said and took out a Mango from my bag.

‘Where did you find this?’ she asked excitedly.

‘On a tree, during my visit to Kerala couple of days ago. It’s ready to eat!’

So there we sat, my sister and I, sharing the last Passion Fruit of the season, the first Mango of the year.

‘This is heavenly’ she said.

I could only agree.


Right now I am at a night market in Ayutthaya, Thailand. I see a fruit stand selling Passion Fruit smoothie and Mango with sticky rice.

And I can only wish to have my sister with me to share this. Without her, the pleasure seems unseasonal.

It certainly wouldn’t be as sweet to my heart if not shared with family.