A high five.

What a wonderful way to celebrate a little success. Be it sports teams, business colleagues, friends or even whatsapp emoji ,this gesture has great charm and acceptability to it.
However, the person who initiates the High five, takes up the risk of being embarrassed if the gesture is not reciprocated. There’s a risk of looking silly in the midst of a crowd. And people make fun of the initiator in such a situation.

It is a leap of faith that the other person shares the same enthusiasm as he does.
And more often than not we take the leap of faith. We raise our palms in the air in celebratory anticipation.

How about having the same celebratory anticipation in being kind to each other?
It is indeed a leap of faith. It might not get the same kind reciprocation as our kind gesture. But, is it not worth a risk taking in the interest of creating a kinder community?
And unlike the case of a high five, if you’re not met with the same friendly kindness from the other end, onlookers will empathise with you. You would find kindness in onlookers.
Then, is it not worthwhile to choose to be kind?
Building a kinder community can only start with our enthusiastic initiatives.

If you agree,
Could we have a high five ?