Hello there!

It’s been 10 days since I’ve been involved in ‘The Power of Everyday’ experiment. I had the following five tasks I promised myself I would do every single day no matter what.

1) Watch the sunrise everyday and write a page about it with the left hand

2) Daydream for half an hour and write a page about the experience

3) Celibate

4) Practice Yoga every single day

5) Write and publish a blog post every single day

Ten days of the month have passed. I am happy to share that I have been able to accomplish all of these tasks, every single day so far.
It is challenging to keep up with it since I am traveling. I start my day with the first task of watching the sunrise and end it with writing an article and publishing it. While it is challenging to be consistent, once I finish the day’s tasks, that’s when I truly feel a sense of closure.

This challenge has put me in a frame of mind of ‘earning my sleep.’

Sometimes, I’m tired from a 7 hour day of bicycling and fall asleep as soon as I find shelter. But I wake up in the middle of the night and finish whatever is left before sleeping again. It might seem a bit too difficult from a third person’s point of view. But trust me, at this juncture, it is more difficult to not do these tasks.

I wouldn’t sleep well if I didn’t!

It is fascinating to feel how the brain chemistry can be influenced by our decisions.
Inaction only leads to lethargy and depletion while being active and focussed surprisingly keeps you more energised and replenished.

I’m learning a lot through this project and am also getting better at the tasks.
I will keep sharing my progress every tenth day. I also hope it inspires you to take one little task that you’ve always wanted to do, one that might add value to your existence, and do it every single day.

Start small. You can choose to do it discreetly.

But, do it!
Even in failing, there are as many lessons to learn.
And the aim is always,
to be learning !

I’ll give another update in ten days time.
Until then, I wish you luck with your journey of harnessing
‘The Power of Everyday.’