Both my mother and father have two birth dates. One is the official birth date in their school certificate and the other is their actual birth date. They have used their official birth date all their life and now they only faintly remember their real birth day. It is common for people in their generation to have such a situation.

But whenever I see them I am not bothered about how old they are on paper. My mother retired last month from service. Officially she is 60 years old. Yet, she has the energy and outlook of someone much younger. My father is officially 62 years old and still works with the energy of a young man in his twenties.

It got me wondering about the concept of age. We have an official , biological age. That’s a fact. Most official work takes that age into consideration. But another age is the one you represent from your attitude, from your being. I’ve had the fortune of meeting people 60 years of age who have the energy of three 20year olds!

We can choose how old we wish to feel. We can aid our bodies to vitality and impeccable physical health. In the process the mind also becomes nimble and agile. It is a matter of choice.

Cosmetics and treatments will never change how old you feel inside. It only makes one more insecure. True health borne out of a youthful soul and an active body is always secure in itself.
It only inspires good energy around itself. An energy that transpires to people around.

So, no matter how many trips you have made around the sun,
You can still choose,
How youthful you wish to be !
It takes some effort,
But it seems totally worth it !