We often have a feeling that life is too short. Especially when we look back at it and realise time passed so fast. Part of the reason being that we do not do things that are remarkable on a daily basis. Daily life is quite mundane. And the culmination of days amounts to our life so it doesn’t surprise that we don’t remember much of how we spent our life.

If we shrink the time frame of what we call as life, things could be different.
What if each day was seen as a lifetime. Would you be able to waste a day?
If we live with the tacit assumption that we are going to live forever, we would hardly get anything remarkable done.
Yet if we live our life in clear awareness of our fragile existence,
And try to live each day as an opportunity to lead a remarkable life,
Life would seem much more fulfilling.

And we would achieve quite a lot in the process.
What do you think ?