Quite often we postpone what could be done right now to a point in near future. It’s not that we cannot do what needs to be done right now. We just give ourselves the leisure to indulge in something that could rather wait.
Relate this to how a TV serial is telecast. There’s the episode and then there’s the ads. If it were upto us, we would surely do away with the ads. They merely fill up time in between the slots we really want to watch.
If our life were a TV serial telecast, we quite often choose to live in the ‘ad space’ and not the ‘episode phase’.
If we choose to live like that then our life would carry no message at all, would it?
In the age of Netflix, when TV programming has moved past the old paradigm of ads, we should follow suit in the way we lead our lives.
We should always be mindful,
That a meaningful episode is much more memorable than a passing ad.

It’s best to do what truly matters,
what really needs to be done,
now !

What do you think ?