There are big tasks and there are small ones. But there is one thing that should not be compromised in the guise of big and small. It is the act of being responsible.

We have a tendency to attribute more respect to someone who does a big task and think lowly of the person who does the small stuff. Say, a white collar manager gets much more respect than a blue collar floor worker in a factory.

With how much love do we do what we do matters much more than big and small after all.
We can do small things with great love.
Think of a gardener tending to a resplendent garden. It brings joy to every onlooker!

Responsibility can only come when you have love for something.
It is the reason men become more responsible once they have a family.

And that’s why it is of paramount importance to do what you love.
Love and responsibility go hand in hand after all.
How else would we build a responsible global community !?