There was a colorful supplement that came along with the New Year edition of the newspaper that caught my attention.

It was the yearly horoscope.

Printed in those four colorful pages was supposedly, the collective future of a mass of people born under a certain sun sign.

I somehow missed out on reading that supplement on New Year’s eve. But the very next day, there was another column that I discovered in the leisure section that was of similar nature. It was the daily horoscope.

I wondered to myself,

There must be a lot of people who follow this column. Why else would they print it every single day !’

Yet, I had my reservations about feeding my mind with a generic prophesy about how my day would pan out to be.

I had another system in place which served my mind space much better.

Every morning, I would write down three simple things down in my journal :

1) How I felt
2) What I was going to do on that day
3) Why

One could say, it was a prediction for how my day would look like. And, on most occasions, my day would be in sync with my own predictions. Rather than spending time deciphering the cryptic clues in a newspaper forecast, it was well worth my time to apply myself and strive for what I wanted to do.

I believe that to have a daily prediction for your own immediate future is the best way forward.
When the newspaper prediction goes wrong, you can blame the stars or the person who cobbled up the column together.
But when your own daily prediction fails, who could you blame?

As the saying goes,

The best way to predict future is to create it.’

Why feed our mind with a generic forecast with questionable authenticity, when you can channel your energy towards doing what matters to you most?

Everyday is a good day to do something meaningful. And if you pursue your calling with energy and enthusiasm, regardless of the prophesy of a horoscope, the stars will line up in your favor.

Script your own daily horoscope.
Be responsible.
Make your future happen!