A little boy and his father were walking down the road home. The boy’s shoulders were weighed down by disappointment.
His shoes were covered in a layer of dust after the sports day proceedings in school. He dragged his feet along wearing a dejected look on his face. The proud father put his hand around his son and patted in a consolatory manner.

‘What’s the matter Son?’

‘Nothing dad. I am just a bit disappointed.’

‘About what my boy?’

‘ Well, because I couldn’t get the best position in the 100 meter race.’

The father smiled. And asked,

‘What happened in the race?’

‘As soon as I heard the gunshot, I started running. I was behind three other runners. But one of them tripped and fell down. So I stopped to help him get up. I started running again as soon as I could.
But by then I was trailing behind four other kids. I could barely overtake one of the runners. And I missed out on being on the podium position.’

Consolingly his father ruffled his hair and asked,
‘Son, What’s the best position to be in?’

‘ The first position dad? The Gold medal position !’

The father looked into his son’s eyes and explained,
‘For me, the best position
Is to be in a position to help.
You chose to help a friend stand up and run again.
At that moment, you might have lost a few seconds, lost the race,
But you won the hearts of everyone witnessing the incident.’

The boy looked at his father and smiled without abandon.

‘I’m proud of you son. You’ve taught so many people a wonderful lesson by your compassionate action’

With an uplifted spirit he replied,
‘I will always strive to help when I can dad.’

‘But not in an examination okay !’ joked his father.

Both Father and son walked smilingly towards the ice cream shop to celebrate.
They bought three ice creams.
Two to eat, one to share.

What a position to be in.
To be able to be of help!