Meeting your old school friends is a special experience, isn’t it?
One of the reasons why we share such a special bond with them is because many of the significant ‘firsts’ in our life happened in their presence. That first crush, first night out, bunking a lecture for the first time, shoplifting, and that heartbreak you thought would pain you your whole life.
The list can go on and on.

Most often when we meet our old friends, we have so many memories to reminisce that we keep talking about the good old times for hours on end.
And since we meet only briefly for lack of time and physical proximity, the little time together is just enough to let nostalgia take over us.
In the presence of old friends we discover where we come from and who we truly are. It’s something you cannot expect from friends you meet later in your life.

But there is an issue with the premise of meeting old friends. The brief time we meet for barely gives us time to create new memories. Still drowning in the warmth of nostalgia, we seldom find time to do something new together.
Shouldn’t we be creating fresh memories so that we keep feeding the nostalgia box?
Or would we still be reminiscing the same good old days all our lives?

To have memorable friendships early on in life is a gift. It is one of the most resilient bonds in human relationships.
I believe there should be a steady pursuit among old friends to create things together in the new reality we live in.
Technology has enabled us to connect and collaborate in wizardly ways.

Among old friends, the collective expertise of a diverse background should be harnessed to cultivate a fresh playground, the new-old school, a supportive environment that enables us to thrive like a rainforest.

The choice of activity can vary from person to person. For instance, I choose to write handwritten letters to my friends in this day and age. And we question, challenge, educate and inspire each other with each letter exchange.
The choice of engagement is in our hands depending on mutual interests.

Friends must always strive to make fresh memories, collaborate, create stuff and go through challenging experiences together. That’s when things can go wrong. And that’s how the best memories are made.
There are many ‘first’ yet to be experienced together if we choose to imagine the possibilities.
And that’s how we can keep feeding the nostalgia box.

In the interest of creating newer stories today, so that they can serve as nostalgia of the future.