Two of my closest friends and I went out for dinner today. One of them had turned 27 and we were celebrating her existence. We made great conversation reminiscing the past, relishing the present and envisioning our future. As the evening came to a close, we had an immediate urge to capture the moment. We had three smartphones and a Polaroid camera in front of us. We chose the latter to capture the moment. As we clicked our first picture, the film emerged from the top of the camera. We found ourselves in absolute awe! We took turns to flap the film and then kept it under a napkin for it to develop. There was a feeling of anticipation to see how the picture would turn out to be. It came out so well that we couldn’t help but click two more.
As we bid goodbye, we fought over who would keep which one of the three pictures we’d clicked.
After we came to an agreement, we saw the bus I had to board approaching us.
Quickly, we took a selfie from a smartphone and shared it instantly among us using the internet.
Now we had two copies of our memories,
One physical, another virtual.

Deep down inside we all knew,
Which one would stand the test of time.
Ironically, it would be the one that will age along with us.
My copy of the poloroid picture is resting safely in my wallet.
My money is clearly ,
on the photograph !