After four years of indecision and procrastination, I finally started posting my work online a month ago. While I am extremely happy that I’ve been publishing a blog post a day since March 1, 2018, I wonder if I am sharing the best of my work or not. At the moment I do not have as much feedback as I would like.
But I have one constant source of feedback.
My mother.
She reads my posts everyday and shares what she thinks of it. It is an adorable gesture, but it makes me think as if she’s one of the few that comprise of my readers. At one point I thought to myself,
‘Well I just have one member in the audience it seems!.’

Then I wondered,
‘She was the only audience when I learnt to stand on my own feet when I was 12 months old. Also, when I spoke my first words, when I started to hold a pencil, when I could wear a shirt by myself.
All the crucial ‘firsts’ were done with my mother as the only onlooker.
In fact, this rings true for each one of us, doesn’t it?
So now when I think of her as the only loyal reader I have, I feel as if I am up to something good,
something memorable.
Akin to standing on my own feet.