Back in school we had a story in our textbook that I still remember vividly.
There was a huge trunk of a fallen tree blocking half of the path leading into a nearby town. Most people chose to do nothing about it. They just passed by from the other half of the road that was still accessible.
However, a little boy saw this scene and was determined to change the situation. He kept his school bag aside and started to push the mighty trunk out of the way.
The onlookers were amazed by the boy’s spirit. One by one the onlookers joined him, as did the people passing by. Before too long, the trunk started to roll. Everyone put in all of the energy that they could and soon enough, the trunk rolled out of the way. The road was clear for everyone to use safely.

Where did the energy to move such a mighty trunk come from?
It came from a little boy’s mindset.

There are seemingly insurmountable problems all around us. And we have learnt to navigate our way around these problems to live a life of compromise.
We tend to feel that people are too busy with their own lives to help fix a situation that needs collective effort.
But the parable of the little boy only reaffirms us with the faith that if you are willing to take responsibility of a mighty problem that plagues all, helpful hands will manifest around you.

So, it is never a problem of there being enough help available. There always is help around, albeit in latent form.
That help can always be galvanised.
The only question is,
‘Am I willing to take the first step?’
‘Do I have the heart to take a humongous responsibility?’

If so, the trunk will roll off the road.
It is only a matter of time.