‘So, do you know anyone in Thailand ?’ asked one of my friends over dinner.

‘Hmmm, do I need to know someone in Thailand?’

‘Yes! It is a country you have never been to. It helps to have a connection that will be of help just in case.’

‘Well, I don’t know anyone.’ I smiled apprehensively.

Yes, I did not know a single person in Thailand before coming here.

But every single day since I’ve been here, I meet a new friend.
Now that I think of it, I would tell my friend,
Yes, I have many friends in Thailand.
I don’t know them all yet!

They keep coming and sharing their love,
One day at a time.

Today I met many little monks at a Buddhist monastery. I don’t know names of all of them. But we smile when we pass by. They kindly shared their living space with me for the night and brought me dinner. The warm energy of comradeship surrounds the whole space.

After this brief jaunt of a few weeks around Thailand, my perception of a friend has changed.

Earlier if I were asked to count my friends, I’d make an effort.

But now, if a little kid asks,
‘How many friends do you have?’

I would only be able to say,
‘I cannot count them out. Because I am yet to meet all of them!’

To a new day,
With the promise of meeting another friend !