Today morning, with a gentle winter breeze came along an idea that got me thinking.

We call ourselves human beings. Even in the way we address ourself there is a hint to action, a verb, of ‘being’.
That speaks a lot about the nature of our existence.
With each passing moment we are becoming something. It does not matter if one is aware of this transition or not. He still becomes something with the passage of time. He keeps on evolving.
Our involuntary functions of the body keep on going. Cells are born, cells die, regenerate, mutate and evolve. Our hair, nail, skin keep growing. All the processes of body keep on going.
On an involuntary level we are are always ‘being’ and becoming. It is a natural function of the highest efficiency.

However, on a conscious, voluntary level, are we becoming what we want to?
We have control of our mind, don’t we?
Are we doing the best we can with our mind?
The body is always ‘being’ as efficient in its processes.
How about the mind?

If we attempt to emulate the ‘being’ of our body in the ‘being’ of our mind,
Our evolution as a human being will undoubtedly be supreme.

Think about it!