Morning. My friend’s two year old nephew, brimful of unbridled energy is running around. He is wearing a warm sweater and a rabbit shaped winter cap on his bobbing head. His dutiful grandma is chasing him with delicious food fresh out of the kitchen.
Witnessing this wonderful moment of his childhood my brother turned to me and expressed,
‘ What an amazing life this little boy has. He has all that he needs, food, clothes, a home, plenty of toys, a loving family and all the time in the world. And he doesn’t even know about his privileges and won’t even remember this idyllic period of his life! How blissfully unaware he is !’

I smiled, and couldn’t help but wonder,
Back home, we have all the food we need, good clothes, a loving family and the time to do whatever we want. We have access to technology and the freedom to create what we want. We are just as privileged as the kid and our freedom of thought and action could emancipate us even further.

Yet, we choose to be unaware of these privileges. And unlike the blissfully unaware state of mind of a child, our unawareness makes us anxious.
From another person’s point of view we are extremely privileged. If you are reading this right now, you are more privileged than 80 percent of the world who does not have the means to access this information.

So the question is, are we sentient enough to realise our privileges and brave enough to take up the responsibility to make something out of the opportunity we have.

There are enough problems to fix, ample opportunities to make our world a better place. The onus is on us !