Recently, a friend of mine shared her design work with me. It was a poster she has designed for an event.
I must share that I found the design to be extremely pleasing. There was a seamless coherence in the elements, colors and font.

Happily I remarked,
‘I love your design ! Do you?’

‘Yes, I’m happy with the design too’ she said.

‘I must say that you have a unique voice as an artist!’

‘Hmmm.., I don’t know about that !’

‘Most certainly you do.’

‘Maybe!’ she said hesitantly.

I smiled. And wondered, how an artist perceives her own self.

I’d like to pose a few questions before I elaborate.

‘Do all of us have a unique face?’
‘Do all of us have a unique, identifiable voice?’
How about physique?

The answer to all of these questions is undeniably in affirmative.
Why are we so comfortable with accepting our physical uniqueness, yet hesitant when it comes to our art?

For me, every person is an artist. It doesn’t matter if you wield the paintbrush or the broom or a chef’s knife. And every person does even the smallest of things in his own unique way. It’s our karmic signature so to say.
It is unique, much like our fingerprint.

It is upto us to first accept ourself as an artist. Then, we have to realise and embrace our uniqueness.

No two mother’s ever cooked a meal that tasted alike. Delicious in their own ways, their art of cooking is still peculiar.


Modesty is a great virtue.
But modesty to the point of self denial of one’s own artistry doesn’t serve an artist.

Then, it is our job, to compliment each artist for their own unique voice.
Uniqueness is beyond good and bad, black and white.

As we accept our own true signature and let it express through our work,
It shall enable others in our world to do the same.

We need a thriving world.
Full of artists,
Unique in their own creative ways,
Expressing without inhibitions.

So next time,
At the first opportunity,
Compliment and celebrate the unique artist you find around you.
And most certainly,
The one within you.