Groggy eyed, I woke up early in the morning. I crawled out of the tent slowly into the domain of dawn.
Yawning and moaning I looked around to orient myself better.

I thought to myself,
‘Hmmm, I wonder what day is it today?’

I thought maybe I should ask the dutiful bird singing the night away.

‘Hey little birdie. How do you do?’

‘Hey mister human. I couldn’t be any better! A beautiful day isn’t it?’

‘Yes indeed my friend.
I wanted to ask, what day is it ?’

‘What do you mean , I don’t understand’ the bird replied.

‘Is it Monday or Wednesday or perhaps Sunday?’

‘ Ah, I don’t know about all of this.
All I know is that it is Today !
The best day of all.
It repeats everyday.
Once the sun rises, it will be today again.
And I love to live every ‘today’.’

‘Yes indeed !’ I wondered.
What a perfect answer.

The birdie flew to another branch celebrating ‘today’. The whole clan of birds roused the world to a lively beginning to the gift of a new day.

And finally, I awoke,
Not to a day of the week
But to