The morning was made mellifluous by the enchanting birdsong. We have more and more birds in the forest these days and the airwaves are brim with their curious chatter.
Since it was morning I couldn’t help but think about the rooster. We always think of a chicken waking us up with its cock-a-doodle-doo singing. But we don’t like this bird so much. It mostly ends up on our plates after all ! Also it has a bad metaphoric reputation. When someone is being cowardly, we called them to be ‘Chickening out’.

Then there is another bird. One that most of us would never see with our own eyes. The penguin. We associate them with a friendly and sociable demeanor. They’re seen as cool headed, relaxed and calm creatures.
I recollected an interesting metaphor about penguins.
When the water is cold and there is fear of predators lurking in the ocean, there’s always that first penguin who dives in the water braving all these fears. Once he jumps, everyone else follows.
Being the first penguin,
taking initiative ,
a leap of faith in the face of uncertainty.

In life we face challenges all the time. And it is then that we choose what we want to do. Do we ‘chicken out?’
Or do we become ‘the first penguin?’

It is our choice,
To choose the right bird.